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Who we are

PAP International is a Technology development and Business solution provider that covers all areas of the Industries. The company is focused in both Private and Public sector of the countries’ ever-growing high-tech application requirements and Enovation needs. PAP (Project Archive Point) has an experience in the industry for the last ten (10) years, founded in the United Kingdom in year 2010. The company is now fully setup and operating in Bangladesh as an extension of the parent company in UK. PAP is working and collaborating with several organizations in the country, we have a very strong relationship with the Government of Bangladesh and both International and local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO’s) that are operating in Bangladesh.

PAP International is a dynamic office environment comprises of highly innovative and skilled teams that are visionaries and creative at their own rights. Our team is our greatest assets that is why in PAP constant team building and brain storming is a common behavioural observance to promote cooperation’s and proper communications among all the office staffs. Furthermore, PAP International is comprises of both International and Local skilled work force with more than 20 years of industry-based experience in various field of Technology and business operations.

As a Technology development and Business solution provider we assist and help prominent institutions and company businesses to grow and achieved their goals. We provide a highly innovative market based best practices technology platform to our valued clients in order to deliver optimum productivity and automation to their business processes.

What Can We Offer You?

We are here to support your needs with our expertise on software and mobile application development. We specialize on Artificial Intelligence, Defence Solutions, Digital Locker and Mobile Banking. Our Premium Pass Application will provide you with all the benefits that you need.

Message From Managing Director

Professor Mahmodul Hasan PhD.

Managing Director

“Technology has drastically influenced a lot of our daily routine, the way we communicate, purchase items, transact business and deal with our clients. The impact of technology can be felt all round us at our home, office and social events. With the acceleration of technology, we must now focus on how to harness its full potentials and convert it to our own advantages. Global and Local Businesses are constantly adopting to every technological change in order to coupe up with the demand. Accepting and embracing this inevitable progress will lead us to a new era on how we introduce our new products and services that implies this technological pattern.

Changes will happen whether we like it or not but how we deal with it will play a vital role in our future. Resisting this technological change will bring you no good but rather it will make your operation stagnant without proper future plan. Re-engineer our business functions and processes will promote high standard, increase productivity, quality of products and operational excellence that will make the customer happy.

As we go further, we learn new things and we share our knowledge so that others may follow. Positive behavior that create harmony and mutual goal towards progress. PAP International is committed in future technological implementation on all aspect of our daily lives. We will never stop seeking new ways on how to improve business operation and make your working environment healthy, friendly and productive.”

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